We would like to thank all of the students who participated in the free month of Music Theory Classes in April. Due to popular demand, this course will be continuing in May!


The course is now only $15 per class, a courtesy discounted rate due to the effects of COVID-19. It will feature the same amazing tech-savvy instruction by Founder and President, Ashley Keiko, which includes interactive training and detailed lesson notes sent directly to you after every lesson.


Classes will remain on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM EDT for beginners and 3:00 PM EDT for intermediate students.


If you missed out on the free classes in April, don't worry, you can still join! Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to enhance your skill set and increase your rate of progress in music. For students not currently taking lessons, but interested in learning something new; skills learned can later be applied to an instrument, singing, rapping, beat making, and even music production! You can't get this anywhere else for the same rate!

"It is essential for students to learn how to read and write music and understand the science of how music works!" - Ashley Keiko

Also Offered Virtually: