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Virtual Lessons

for the remote learner

lessons Available for any instrument!

Why choose our virtual lessons vs. Youtube lessons?

Virtual Lessons

Immediate    Answers
Get the answers to all of your most pressing questions instantly.
Personalized     Experience
Instructors create custom lesson plans, and give personal attention to each student.
Knowledgable    Instructors
Comfort in knowing your instructor is knowledgeable in the material and teaching the correct technique.
A knowledgeable and experienced instructor will hold you accountable with correct technique and practice.
Faster     Method
Faster method that accelerates your learning and progress.
Flexible    Schedule
More flexibility when scheduling lessons.
There's no travel time to account for.

youtube learning

 Long    Online    Searching
Extensive searching for the answers to your questions.
Non-Personal    Experience
Aimless or self customized lessons means you may be working on material not best suited for your level.
Unreliable    Sources
Online resources can be unreliable. You-tubers may not be knowledgeable in the material or instrument techniques.
Develop    Bad    Habits
You'll need to hold yourself accountable and may develop bad habits or become distracted by youtube videos.
Lengthy    Method
Lengthy method that slows down your learning and progress.

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