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for every type of learner

Private Lessons
Private Lessons

The interaction between a teacher and a student is very important here at Keiko Studios. Each student's experience begins with speaking to a member of Keiko Studios' skilled registration staff to identify the needs of the student. With each person, we take the time to match up teachers and students based on schedule, learning styles, and preferences. We accept students age 5 to adults. Sign up here! 

Double Bass

Drum Set

Duration options include: 30 min, 45 min, 60 min



Study Options:

Electric Bass



open group lessons

Open Group lessons at Keiko Studios offer an exciting way for children and adults to begin music study with others. These lessons present material to beginners in an enjoyable and supportive environment, helping students make an easy transition to private study. Our group lessons are small with a maximum of six students, allowing for a lot of individual attention.  

Duration: 60 min

Study Options:



Open Group Lessons
family group lessons

Family group lessons at Keiko Studios offer an exciting way for family members and/or close friends to begin or continue music study together. 




Duration options include: 45 min, 60 min

Study Options:



Family Group Lessons
Glee Club

Enrollment has now begun for our Fall semester! Each session is unique with the addition of new songs to the curriculum to keep returning students refreshed and engaged. Glee Club is an exceptional opportunity for students (ages 6-12) who love to sing, and perform and are interested in expanding their musical experience past singing at home and taking those talents to rehearsals and eventually the stage!  This program is much more than just singing in a group. Students will learn and improve on the following:​

Vocal Technique
Songs and Choral Piece




Stage Presence


Collaborative Skills

Glee Club
Keiko Kids

Our early childhood music class is both educational and fun for young students who are just beginning their study of music. Children from the ages of 2 to 4 years old learn basic musical concepts through percussion instruments, listening, singing, and movement. Our skilled early childhood music educators use age-appropriate activities to increase motor control and inner-hearing, enabling a natural transition to instrument lessons. 

Keiko Kids
Piano Lessons for
the Visually Impaired

We believe in the power of music and that people with different abilities should have an opportunity to explore the real meaning of music. Piano lessons are taught by a skilled visually impaired pianist, with years of experience. All levels are welcome, ages 7 to adults accepted. Each piano lesson covers music theory and piano technique. Every student receives performance opportunities

Duration options include: 30 min, 45 min, 60 min

Visually Impaired

Adult Dance Classes

Returning in September 2024

Updated Schedule.png

Haitian Dance

Instructor: Peniel Guerrier

Haiti, the second independent republic in the Americas, partakes of three cultural sources: African, American, and European. The dances and culture of Haiti have been extremely important in the development of American dance, thanks to the pioneering work of Katherine Dunham. Peniel Guerrier draws on his extensive knowledge of Haitian folkloric dance to create original combinations within the different traditional Haitian rhythms. His dances enhance the energy and flow of traditional forms with beautiful, vivid body shapes. 



Instructor: Eto'o Tsana

Central African fitness and dance class. Congolese is a core centered, hip rhythmic, and high energy class that focuses on exploring movement styles from the HEART of Africa; The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Republic of the Congo.

Just Dance

Instructor: Anika Newball

The world-famous Just Dance video game brought to life with Nika! Come dance, sweat, vibe, and have fun with Nika as we explore the diverse styles of dance to some of your favorite hits. Every week we go deeper into each genre through floor exercises, energetic routines, and more. Similar to the popular Just Dance game, Nika curates an atmosphere to get the body moving, enjoy yourself, and learn new moves in a judgment free zone. The level ranges from easy, intermediate to advanced choreography. Classes are open to all levels.

Take Jamm

Instructor: Darren Bankss

Take Jamm Tuesdays is a series of open-level choreography dance classes curated in 2018 by Darren Eveillard, aka Darren Bankss. This is a judgement free space open to all adults over the age of 18, regardless of professional dance training. During class, you will go through a series of stretches, warm-ups, and across the floor movement, rooting back to the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora. Each class will end with choreography with the goal of spreading awareness and knowledge of Caribbean Dance. Be sure to bring your rag, flag, water, and of course an open mind!

Adult Dance Classes
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