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Eric Ballard Jr.

Eric Ballard, is a pianist well versed in jazz, gospel, rock, pop, and R&B styles. He recently received his B.A. at Manhattanville College, majoring in music business, while also studying jazz piano with Charles Blenzig, and classical piano with Dian Guernsey.


Eric currently leads a musical group called the Jazz Trackers, and a neo-soul, pop, and funk band for a friend named Danielle Carr. Eric plays for the youth and young adult choirs at Love Fellowship Tabernacle the Kingdom Church, where Bishop Hezekiah Walker is the senior pastor. Eric also plays at Safe Haven United Church of Christ ministries, where he is the musical director. He assists the pastor and executive minister of music/choir director with selections for weekly services and yearly events. He attends programs outside of the church, while assisting the choir director with vocal parts.


Eric Ballard currently has 3 to 4 years of teaching experience under his belt. He has performed at numerous venues such as The Bitter End, Hard Rock Café, The Cutting Room, and Penn Station. 

He is also athletic, and partakes in sports such as baseball, bowling, track and field, volleyball, basketball, and weight lifting. In the near future, Eric desires to become a studio musician to produce tracks for artists. He is excited to continue his teaching as a piano teacher at Keiko studios.

Instructor Profile



  • Jazz

  • Gospel

  • Rock

  • Pop

  • R&B



  • Piano



  • B.A., Manhattanville College


  • Experienced in teaching visually impaired students

  • Leader of musical group "Jazz Trackers"

  • Member of neo-soul, pop and funk band with Danielle Carr

  • Musician for youth and young adult choirs at Tabernacle Kingdom Church

  • Director of Music at Safe Haven United Church of Christ Ministries

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