• D.M.,  Florida State University

  • M.M., University of Florida

  • B.M.,  Cleveland Institute of Music

Yingying Wang

Yingying Wang is a passionate and motivated piano instructor who loves working with students and sharing her love of music.

Wang has applied versatile pedagogical methodologies on various ages of groups and tailor specific levels from early beginners to advanced players. Wang is always looking to bring on new students of all ages. She has been dedicated to make every lesson engaging so that students can stay motivated as the lesson objective goes along with progression. Her students are encouraged to enter competitions and recitals, as well as work on composing their own original material, so they can feel good about their accomplishments and stay motivated to learn. Encouraging regular practice on a consistent schedule is one of the key points she likes to emphasize for younger students, as it tends to help the student progress and gain a passion for the instrument. She has also found that a combination of classical and modern music can go a long way in helping students enjoy the piano and motivate them to practice and continue to learn.


Nothing is more rewarding than seeing students develop a passion for music. Therefore, it's important that each student progresses at his or her own pace. Wang encourages this by setting realistic goals for her students at each lesson. Acknowledging accomplishments helps fuel students’ desire to progress, and makes students eager to learn more. By trying to find out what inspires the student, she can successfully tailor her instruction to their wants and needs. To ensure the experience of learning piano is meaningful yet fun, Wang embarks high regard on transcribing studies to a productive end as a result of highly structured engagement for students'  learning process.