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  • A.A., Westchester Community College

  • Pursuing B.Mus., Hunter College

Seth Oppong-Peprah

Seth Oppong-Peprah was born on December 14 th of 2000 in Accra, Ghana to two hardworking immigrants from Ghana and Guyana. He lived in the Bahamas where he did exceptionally well and completed his High School education before seeking higher education in
the U.S in 2018.

As a child of two excellent and hardworking parents who are teachers, poets, and authors, Seth was constantly taught not only the value of a good education but the importance of choosing a field that would ultimately lead to a fulfilling career. They made sure he never fell
behind in his studies and provided him with everything he needed to do well in school. Posters and inspirational thoughts from successful people were placed on the walls of his bedroom to help motivate him into achieving success.


Although, he has had to constantly battle with thoughts of becoming a lawyer. he has realized that music is his true passion. This advice has left him to strive to become a successful musician and music teacher. He goes to school every single morning with a head full of ambition and determination to succeed, and to give it his all. He has always been interested in music and remembers dancing, singing and playing
music since he was young and this encouraged his passion to pursue music in college.


He currently holds an Associate Degree of Science in Performing Arts/Music from Westchester Community College. He was fortunate to have got admission to Hunter College in the fall of 2020 and he has realized that coming to Hunter College has been a perfect fit for him. He gets the right guidance from his professors. Hunter has peaked his interest in both classical and jazz music and he has felt more intrigued by music since he came here. He has had more ambition to practice and mirror his great professors who are where he wishes to be in the future.


Seth looks forward to working with the Mellon Public Humanities program and continuing his education at Hunter College as an undergraduate and plans to apply to the Hunter College Graduate School soon in order to get his Masters in Music Education.

Instructor Profile



  • Classical

  • Pop

  • Rock

  • Beginner Jazz



  • Piano



  • A.A., Westchester Community College

  • B.Mus., Hunter College

  • Pursuing Masters in Music Education



  • Experienced in teaching students with disabilities

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